In Argentina, among hills, ravines, woods, rainforests, rivers and glaciers, you shall find privileged scenarios to get on your feet and walk! Inspiring trails near historic towns, narrow roads that seemed to have escaped from fairy tales, miles painted with the most diverse colors.


Experiences at

Andean Footprint: incredible pathways in Patagonia


For as long as 359 miles, a landscape that has it all: native woods, transparent water mirrors and majestic birds.

Thousand reds at Sierra de las Quijadas


A journey to the beginning of times. Footpaths to walks among huge walls, archaeological sites, dinosaur footprints and petrified trees.

El Palmar’s tropical pathways


At a short distance from the big Littoral cities, a pure air oasis that is an irresistible invitation to trekkers.

Inspiring pathways at a few steps from Córdoba City


At the very heart of the country, hills invite to cross the province’s green fields while birds guide the steps with their songs.