national park

Thousand reds at Sierra de las Quijadas


A journey to the beginning of times. Footpaths to walks among huge walls, archaeological sites, dinosaur footprints and petrified trees.

Birdwatching among palm trees


En Entre Ríos, at the last Yatay Palm Tree forest in the world, a region covered by estuaries, woods and wetlands where more than 250 bird species coexist.

El Palmar’s tropical pathways


At a short distance from the big Littoral cities, a pure air oasis that is an irresistible invitation to trekkers.

Perito Moreno Glacier: the ice thunder

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With closed eyes, it is possible to hear the glacier’s harsh voice. In occasions, it is just a whisper; others, it calls from the deepness. Unpredictable.

El Impenetrable: new National Park at the Littoral

News More than 320,000 acres of vulnerable land have been included into the National Protected Areas system. El Impenetrable: new National ...

The imposing Talampaya National Park

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A desert with huge red walls that get lost at the horizon. Rocks being molded by nature for million years. The land inhabited by the oldest dinosaurs.

San Guillermo National Park: a thousand-colors soil

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Mineral richness scenario, the last habitat of South American vicuñas, it still maintains the footprints of the old Inca’s Road.