Off-road at the End of the World


Proposals to explore Tierra del Fuego with adventure in mind.

Submarine adventure at Puerto Madryn


Discovering the deep ocean. Playing with its inhabitants. Unveiling sea wonders.

Aconcagua and Tupungato, two “Seismiles”


In Mendoza, two of the most emblematic peaks in the world.

The Fitz Roy and Torre Peaks challenge


Two granite walls, of polished verticality, beaten by storms, avalanches and winds of more than 60 miles per hour.

Andventures at the Humahuaca Ravine

Explore Argentina

A mountain terrain is the imposing natural scenario, with plenty wild spaces and roads to live adventure on foot, at horseback or muleback and/or with 4×4 vehicles.

Majestic guards of the Andes in Catamarca


In Argentina’s North, among deserts and salt fields, the highest volcanoes in the world.

Mercedario Mount and the “six thousands” in San Juan


A classic of Andinism in Argentina. An adventure aiming to get higher than condors.

Deep in the jungle


The jungle is the ideal scenario for adventurers. Among huge water courses, adrenaline reaches unexpected levels.

Adrenaline at Córdoba Hills


At a short drive from Córdoba city, nature merges with adventure on country roads, at hill peaks, in the deepness of the water and the highness of the skies.

Northern Patagonian Peaks


Mythical peaks comprised the so called “Patagonian roof”. Mountains where the wild nature merges with old legends.