Off-road at the End of the World

The province of Tierra del Fuego is an excellent destination for those seeking adventure due to its wide range of activities and proposals, where adrenaline is guaranteed.

Ushuaia, the provincial capital, is the southernmost city in the world and a perfect combination of mountain landscapes, lakes and sea. Located on the Martial mountain chain, it matches terrain drops with attractive colors. In front of the bay that gave name to the city, and viewing towards the Chilean islands Navarino and Host, Ushuaia offers varied and charming panoramic viewpoints.

As far as adventure is concerned, there are different options including 4×4 off road, extreme trekking, helicopter overflights, navigation through the Beagle Channel reaching the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse (the southernmost lighthouse in the world), Cape Horn and even the Antarctica!

Snow at the end of the world
During the winter season, there are many interesting activities like snowshoeing across virgin trails -during daylight and in the evenings- dog sledding and snow-mobile riding. At the same time of the year, and although proposals are many, Alpine skiing -the winter sport par excellence- is the undoubted star at Cerro Castor, which has a ski resort of the same name. At 16 miles from the capital city, on National Road N° 3, it has an easy access provided the road is totally paved. It features 30 ski slopes, with an skiable surface of 1600 acres; 12 elevation means; beginners’ areas; back-country skiing ideal for advanced riders; and for parent’s enjoyment, there is a 178 feet magic carpet destined to a ski-school for children. As this mount has been chosen by the best sportsmen in the field, more than 80% of Olympic medals’ winners of Sochi 2014 had trained at this resort at the end of the world. Besides, it was appointed venue of INTERSKI 2015 -Instructors Worldwide Congress- an event that places Tierra del Fuego among the most exclusive winter sites in the world.

In winter, there is another amazing activity: the night crossing of the Larsifarshaj River’s valley, that shines under the moonlight. It is a unique experience to get lost in the woods where beauty exists event through imperfections; it is the B side of experiences.

Adventure the whole year
To continue with adventure, take the famous National Road N° 3 on a four wheels truck to cross the Andean Mountain Range through Garibaldi Path and have fun at mud and water off-roads leading to the imposing coast of Fagnano lake, where it is possible to watch albatross and petrels. However, adventure would not be complete without trying on some snowshoes to start an expedition to snow-covered woods, deep valleys, old woodcutters trails, until reaching the Escondido lake. An ideal panoramic viewpoint to stop at in order to contemplate, to rest after an intense trekking and, why not, to meditate. In the summer season, there are also canoeing and kayaking tours combined with mountain biking. And, for horse fans, there are tours of different duration (from just a few hours to several days)

Tierra del Fuego National Park
Tierra del Fuego National Park occupies a surface of 156,000 acres; it is the only one in Argentina with a maritime coast; it has the most imposing views of the Beagle Channel framed by mountains and millenarian woods, the Roca lake -which color changes according to weather conditions, and the Lapataia Bay, among other places. There, Los Castores (=Beavers) trail invites to a noble experience to understand the labor of those curious animals. The chance of breathing sea air as well as the forest smell is a separate privilege for travelers challenging the end of the world. A destination where its waters are also an invitation to adventure.

The Southernmost waters
The white Antarctica requires some patience provided this tour has to be booked with several months’ anticipation. So, take it into account when planning your trip to Tierra del Fuego. It shall be an unforgettable experience! The white continent is accessed through frozen bays on board of big cruises (it is recommended to travel with IAATO vessels with reinforced hull) and be ready to navigate an ice-sea, watching from a very close distance: whales, sea wolves and lions, penguins and million sea birds at remote islands.

Flavors no visitor should miss!
To summarize all the adventures lived at this destination, we recommend travelers at the end of the world to enjoy the exquisite regional gastronomy: the traditional Patagonian lamb and its delicious trout, paired by excellent wines. And as dessert? Discover Tierra del Fuego’s chocolate delicatessen, at the best Willy Wonka style.


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