Cachi & Los Cardones National Park

Reaching Cachi by night is a memorable experience as its illuminated traditional architecture enhances the unique character of the village. The main square, church, and museum take us right back to colonial times, something which is not so easily found in other places in Argentina. Strolling the streets is like exploring the past and quite a thrilling experience.

Being one of the most traditional towns in this part of Salta Province , and as travelling is also about challenging yourself to try new things, Cachi is an excellent opportunity to taste traditional dishes like baby goat casserole, or even dare savor llama meat. There is nothing wrong with opting for some empanadas, which are a regional pride. And in this area in Argentina, you will come across the Wine Route, with the highest wineries above sea level.

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The road linking Cachi with Salta is one of Argentina’s most interesting routes. The first attraction is Los Cardones National Park, which can be seen as you drive along the so-called Recta de Tin Tin (Tin Tin Straightaway). On both sides you will find thousands and thousands of cardon cacti punctuating the area. It is a stunning view, especially when the sun shines on the cacti and tints them gold. Some of these plants rise 3 m high, taking 200 to 300 years to grow that much.

Can you imagine exploring this region in Argentina? This video shows Los Cardones National Park along the Recta de Tin Tin.


Note that at this point you will reach an elevation of 3000 m above sea level, and that you will be heading up to the magnificent Cuesta del Obispo. As you climb toward the Cuesta, the landscape will become colder and more barren; also, fog is common in the area. The highest elevation is Piedra del Molino, at around 3300 m above sea level, the starting point of Cuesta del Obispo. Over a stretch of 20 km, the road drops some 2000 m to reach Chicoana, to then continue to the city of Salta.

Have you ever been to Cachi? Have you stopped by Los Cardones National Park? What did you like best? You can leave your comments in the comment section.


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