80 bird families, including 20 endemic South American neo-tropical species and 16 local endemic species. In two weeks, you could watch more than 300 different birds. Because Argentina features all habitats to live the most complete bird-watching experience.


    Experiences at

    Falling in love whith Salta and its birds


    3 National Parks, 21 Provincial Reserves and 30 IBAs, make Salta an ideal space for birdwatchers.

    Costanera Sur, birdwatching in the city


    A first class birdwatching experience a few steps away from the city’s downtown.

    Birdwatching among palm trees


    En Entre Ríos, at the last Yatay Palm Tree forest in the world, a region covered by estuaries, woods and wetlands where more than 250 bird species coexist.

    Valdes, the birds’ peninsula


    It the Patagonian steppe, an unmissable place for birdwatching lovers.

    Córdoba’s lagoons and hilld, birds’ habitat


    Towards the interior of the province, wheat fields accompany the road while in the horizon, rivers, lagoons and wetlands invite birdwatchers to admire their birds population.

    Birdwatching in San Juan skies


    At Valle Fértil Natural Park, two circuits specially designed for watching more than 200 species that overfly this sunny land.